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Picture the scene: It was a balmy Spring evening; Sasha and Adam had just started dating. Sitting on the couch, there was trepidation in the air. His birthday was fast approaching. They were talking about gift giving. He loved Star Wars and all she knew was that he took his collecting seriously. But she didn't know what to buy for someone who knows what they want. At the same time, she didn't want to disappoint him or worse, get him something he already had?!?! What was she going to do? As the conversation continued, it dawned on them that if Adam had a wishlist of things that he wanted, he could share it with Sasha. Problem solved!

And so Geek Gift Registry was born. In part a one-stop shop for the pop culture collector, providing the ability to search across multiple sites with one click for those things they treasure most; to shop today with ease, or to save for tomorrow those things to come. It makes the life of the online collector easy. And it helps take the stress out of gift giving for those who love them!

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